About Us


With the name of: Schweizer Kulturverein/Association culturelle Suisse Na Bolom.ch was founded on July 7, 2013, as an independent and non-commercial association in accordance with Swiss legislation. It is neutral both politically and religiously. It is based in the cantons of Bern and Geneva.
The Swiss Cultural Association Na Bolom.ch aims to:
  • Disseminate the activities undertaken by Gertrude Duby during the years 1918 to 1939:
+ becoming a member of the socialist youth
+ studying at the Gardenbauschule in Niederlenz
+ joining the ranks of the PSS
+ turning into a journalist
+ studying Social Work in Zurich
+ working and learning in London
+ founding and working for women groups
+ assisting victims of wars in Europe
+ drawing the lesson from five arrests
  • revival of her activities in the ecological and other fields throughout the years 1943 to 1993:
+ arrival in Mexico in December 1940
+ integrating into Mexican society
+ first exploits in Mexico: the Revolution’s “soldaderas”
+ making her way to Chiapas
+ first impression of the tropical jungle and of the lacandon people
+ founding and (let’s say) CEO of Na Bolom together with husband Frans Blom
+ rescuing a forest
+ becoming a photographer
+ turning into the ecologist with HQ in Naha
+ pioneering in many fields
+ developing a long lasting friendship with lacandon people
 + the “Trudi’s effect” (environmentalism becomes politics)