Hommage to Gertrude Duby Blom at her 20th death anniversary

Posted 11/26/2013
The very first woman to become a ranger in Switzerland is Mexican born America Croisier. She has been for a good time the only one working as a ranger in this country, looking after a forest by the lake Valle de Joux, at the comune of L?Abbaye, no less tan 2,000 hectares of dense vegetation which she oversees day or night, spring or wintertime, summer or fall.
 Do you want to know how the forests are kept beautiful and productive in Switzerland?
 Would you be interested in getting to know how a Swiss woman saved a rainforest in Mexico?
 Come then to Na Bolom.ch event:
Friday December 6th,  2013
Marktgasse 67
3003, Bern.
18h00 – 20h00
 Free Entrance / Donations accepted.
The Swiss Cultural Association Na Bolom.ch invites you to honor the memory of Gertrude Duby Bolom who died at almost 93 years of age in December 23th, 1993, in San Cristobal de las Casas, in the Mexican state of Chiapas where she lived and worked since 1943.
 Duby Blom, a famous ethnologist and photographer, spent five decades fighting for the respect to the great Lacandon rainforest, one of the only two lungs in the American continent. In her native Switzerland she studied Horticulture in Niederlenz and Social Work in Zurich, two abilities she put to good use in Europe and in Mexico.
Trudi, as she was known, is considered the very first real ecological spirit in the world.
At the event, America Croisier will deliver her conference “Rencontres Forestières: Des cultures différentes pour une même passion” and Kyra Núñez-Johnsson will introduce “The life of a legend” a photographic show of Duby Blom’s long life.
Informations:  comunicaciones@nabolom.ch