About Us


The Swiss Cultural Association Na Bolom.ch aims to:
Disseminate the activities undertaken by Gertrude Duby during the years 1918 to 1939:
+ becoming a member of the socialist youth
+ studying at the Gardenbauschule in Niederlenz
+ joining the ranks of the PSS
+ turning into a journalist
+ studying Social Work in Zurich
+ working and learning in London
+ founding and working for women groups
+ assisting victims of wars in Europe
+ drawing the lesson from five arrests
revival of her activities in the ecological and other fields throughout the years 1943 to 1993:
+ arrival in Mexico in December 1940
+ integrating into Mexican society
+ first exploits in Mexico: the Revolution’s “soldaderas”
+ making her way to Chiapas
+ first impression of the tropical jungle and of the lacandon people
+ founding and (let’s say) CEO of Na Bolom together with husband Frans Blom
+ rescuing a forest
+ becoming a photographer
+ turning into the ecologist with HQ in Naha
+ pioneering in many fields
+ developing a long lasting friendship with lacandon people
+ the “Trudi’s effect” (environmentalism becomes politics)