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Newsletter No. 7 End of the Year 2019

As we are now finishing the year 2019, we continue with Trudi’s tradition, writing a newsletter to inform you about the activities carried out during the past twelve months!

This is what we did and special thanks go for all of you who participated or gave us “likes” on social media:

The Third Ordinary General Assembly took place on 12 July, during which we celebrated our VI Anniversary, modified our Statutes and elected a new Executive Committe with the following integrants and posts:

– Nuria Font de Berlioz, President/Acting Secretary;
– María Francisca Ize-Charrin, Tresurer;
– Jacqueline Meier, Auditor;
– Jorge F. Paniagua Solis, Communications and Information;
– Ivonne Meyer-Escobar, Responsible for Projects and Relations with the Swiss German region;
– Kyra Núñez-Johnsson, Responsible for Projects and Relations with Na Bolom A.C. in Mexico.

Two other members of Na, Xóchitl Olguin Jiménez and Joseana de la Rosa, collaborates regularly with the Executive Committee.

We celebrated the 209 Anniversary of the Independence of Mexico on 16 September with a cultural festivity at the Restaurant El Catrin in Geneva. In this occasion, we invited the Mexican Association AMEGI to organize with us a diner/concert with the Mexican singers Flor Amargo y Karla Lazo. The assistance was numerous: 110 persons coming from Geneva and other Swiss cantons! We had the pleasure as well to welcome among them Ambassador Socorro Flores Liera, Permanent Representative of Mexico to the United Nations Office in Geneva, Mr. Fernando Espinosa, Minister at the Mexican Embassy in Switzerland, and Mr. John Eardley, Honorary Consul of México in Geneva.

Na members took part in the Climate Change March and Demostration in Bern on 28 September together with tens of thousands of people calling for action to stop climate change.

Na participated with a presentation on the extraordinary life and deeds of Trudi at the Friday Club on 6 December in Geneva.

We extended our congratulatory words to former Director General of the United Nations Office in Geneva, Michael Moller, who bid farewell to his post at the end of June having accomplished many important achievements to bring UNOG and Geneva as the multilateral place for important actions such for climate change; Our association held two main activities at the Palais des Nations in 2015 and 2016 under his patronage. Mr. Moller is a member of Na since its foundation.

We also sent a welcoming and introductory letter to the new Mexican Ambassador in Switzerland, Ms. Cecilia Jaber expressing our wish to increase our collaboration with the Embassy on cultural matters related to protection of the environment.

On other subjects such as social media we report that little by little but trying hard, very hard indeed we continue to up-date, feed and maintain active our social network. You can see and comment and like our posts in FaceBook and Tweeter; soon you will discover the new format of Na web page and enjoy reading new articles with interesting topics and photographs.

The current team in charge of Na is not only quite busy with personal/professional work but we are presently living in three continents,

which poses challenges to everything we do or want to achieve plus our server is miles away from home!

That’s why we insist in our calling for active members who can support to enrich our public profile.
Anyone interested please contact:

For the next year, we already have the following program for the first quarter:

February: Commemoration of the past 26th anniversary of the death of Trudi (December 23) with a conference on Climate change, in collaboration with the Permanent Mission of Mexico in Geneva.

April: A guided visit to the gardens at the United Nations Office in Geneva. May: A photo exhibition of the Lacandons by Gerardo Garciacano.
As of today, the number of members is 177 in 12 countries; Switzerland, France, Mexico, United States, Canada, Sweden, Spain, Australia, Belgium, India, Nepal and Ecuador what makes 22 additional members since the Third Ordinary General Assembly in July 2019.

We count on you to spread the word about Na, inviting your family and friends to join us in our efforts to achieve the objectives of our Association!

May your wishes all come through!