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NABOLOM CH / Events 2019 / Third Ordinary General Assembly.

Third Ordinary General Assembly.

  • The Third Ordinary General Assembly tookplace on 12 July, during which we celebrated our VI Anniversary, modified our Statutes and elected a new Executive Committe with the following integrants and posts:
  • – Nuria Font de Berlioz, President/Acting Secretary;
    – María Francisca Ize-Charrin, Tresurer;
    – Jacqueline Meier, Auditor;
    – Jorge F. Paniagua Solis, Communications and Information;
    – Ivonne Meyer-Escobar, Responsible for Projects and Relations with the Swiss German region;
    – Kyra Núñez-Johnsson, Responsible for Projects and Relations with Na Bolom A.C. in Mexico.
  • Two other members of Na, Xochitl Olguín Jiménez and Joseana de la Rosa, collaborates regularly with the Executive Committee.